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Doll Restoration Dolls & More Other Services



Other Services

We also offer other services

  • Doll Supplies -- everything for the doll in the height of fashion
  • Doll Classes -- so you can create you own new dolls
  • Doll Patterns -- Patterns for the modern porcelain dolls
  • Patterns by Connie Lee Finchum
  • Doll Appraisals

For the Doll Maker:

  • Wigs are available in numerous sizes and colors
  • Eyes -- plastic, glass and paperweight in numerous sizes and colors
  • Bodies - cloth, kid, composition and porcelain
  • Tools, brushes, china paints, wax.


Doll Supplies

We have all kinds of doll supplies including outfits, shoes, socks, and doll stands.

We also carry quality doll cases
both glass and acrylic.



Modern and antique, undies are also available


Doll Classes

Excellent professional one-on-one instruction is available for you to make your own porcelain doll!  

Classes are available

  • Tuesdays -- 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Cost for each class is $10.00

Join us today!

Doll Shoes

Shoes for all sizes of dolls, modern and antique

Doll Stands

Stands for dolls from 6" to 36"



We have more than 150 molds available to choose from - both modern and antique. Come in an peruse our catalog of molds.

You can join one of our weekly classes or greenware is available for purchase.

We will also fire any greenware that has been purchased from our shop. Our rates are available at the time you purchase your greenware.  

Doll Patterns by Connie Lee Finchum

Call to order a full color catalog.






Doll Appraisals

Doll appraisals are available.
Call for pricing.


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